Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wednesday ROW80 Check In (11.16.11)

Oops! Looks like I skipped a week. I have been busy writing, but a lot of paid writing. Never a bad thing, except that I edited a dissertation and my client had trouble converting the file from OpenOffice to Word2010. I've heard horror stories about Word2010, but I think most of it was on her end. She did end up fixing the problem and was able to send her dissertation off to her committee. She was happy with the work I did. I've also been busy with the chess club and scouts, leaving very little time for ROW80. HAVING SAID THAT, I have still been making progress. Among the highlights of my last two weeks:

- I wrote another chapter of my techno-thriller and it is coming along rather nicely. My goal is to have it done by the Missouri Writer's Guild Conference in April so I can pitch it to agents. It's been called a "page turner" by members of my crit group, so I'm excited about it. I did decide to write out one of the characters though - the sultry Russian spy who tempts our poor pawn into betraying his friends. I liked the first scene she was in but didn't know what to do with her after that, so I've reworked the betrayal scene using another character. I love writing. It's so dynamic.

- I'm still reading "The Lost Symbol" and am picking up some good techniques (if that can be said about a Dan Brown novel).

- I've posted to my blogs a few times and have been researching / developing a seminar for my customer service ideas. An agent told me my idea was good, but that I needed a bigger platform. I am going to email a few contacts of mine for advice and maybe even suggest a co-authoring endeavor. One of them is a woman who has influenced my own customer service ideas and someone I respect a great deal, even though she's a Braves fan.

On another note, I received a positive response to my query about an article I wrote on a Catholic Saint. I won't go into details, but the magazine has a readership of 1.5 million. They requested the full article, which I sent off right away. Crossing fingers!

So that's it for now. Trying to read more blogs...just so much out there. Oh, I did read an EL Doctorow short story about a man who hid from his family for a year - in the garage attic! Very interesting. I can see where my writing is similar to his...ordinary man living an ordinary life is exposed to an extraordinary situation.

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