Tuesday, February 19, 2013

ROW80 Round 1 2013

Since I'm between jobs right now I thought I would jump on board the ROW80 train and try to reboot my writing career.

I'm jumping on board about about halfway through, but here are my goals:

Increase social media presence:

Since I haven't been writing, I have lost close to 200 followers on Twitter. Some of this is my own doing as I dropped a lot of writers myself, haven't been posting about writing, and haven't been following back or participating in Writer Wednesdays and Follow Fridays.

My goals then are to:

- Finish Kristen Lamb's "We Are Not Alone."
- Increase twitter followers to over 600 (480/490/500/520/540/560/580/600).
- Read/leave comments on at least three blogs/week.
- Organize my Twitter feed.

Increase Knowledge of Writing:

- Read at least two writing magazines.
- Read at least two literary journals.
- Read at least one fiction book in my genre (techno-thriller).
- Finish Fiction Writer's Workshop.

Actual Writing:

Week One: Reorganize my writing projects.
Week Two: Rewrite/resubmit my quality pieces (both fiction and non-fiction).
Week Three: Set goals for three works: a new work, my techno-thriller, and my customer service book.
Weeks Four to Seven: Complete writing goals.

I am taking a class, so I know my new work will be a graduate level research paper I'm doing on Thomas More's Utopia. I do plan to submit it to scholarly journals after I'm done.

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