Wednesday, October 12, 2011

ROW80 Wednesday Check In

After one week with ROW80 I'm doing well on some goals and falling behind on others. Having said that, I will say that ROW80 has helped me complete one important task/goal: finish the revised proposal for my customer service book. It is done and off to the agent!

Here then is an update on my goals:

Okay...I've decided to plunge into ROW80 and here are my preliminary goals:

1) Read three writing magazines each month: I've read one so far this month and plan to stop by the library this afternoon to pick up more.

2) Participate in Three Writer's Digest On-Line Seminars: Nothing yet.

3) Write One Short Story or Article Each Month: Nothing yet.

4) One Submission/Query a Day: I sent out five queries this week so far: two on a non-fiction article I wrote about St. Albert and three on my customer service book.

5) Three Blog Entries/Week for This Blog and My Customer Service Blog: I've nailed this and have been on a roll. I also discovered the #custserv hashtag and have those in the customer service business reading and commenting on my customer service blog (

6) Sign Up For a Spring Semester Class: Nothing yet.

7) Customer Service / Techno-Thriller Book: I'm stuck on my prologue. Much pressure to make sure the first few pages are spotless. Hoping to get past this soon.

8) Read Three Craft Books: Read the first chapter of The Art of Compelling Fiction.


9) Read More Fiction: Nothing yet. Stuck on a book about Saratoga.

10) Read More Blogs/Emails: I've been reading a lot of blogs, but not the emails or every day fiction as much as a I should.

I will probably spend the day working on my ROW80 goals and will update this post later.


  1. Sweet fancy Moses, that is a lot of goals. Great work! I'm curious -- do you have a measure for "read more blogs / email," like a hard number? I often find just saying "more" makes it difficult to know when I've succeeded.

    Good luck reaching the rest of your goals, that is an ambitious list.

  2. What a list! and well done for getting so much done! :)

  3. Sounds like you're doing well! My advice on #7- Skip the prologue for now and start chapter 1. The prologue will come when it comes.

  4. Wow, so many great goals!
    I wish you the best of luck on them all =)

  5. *mouth drops open* Now that's a set of goals! Great job on getting the proposal done and out the door.

  6. Thanks everyone! I've been an overachiever since birth (two weeks early)...I'd rather aim high and fall a little short than aim low and hit the mark. Does that make sense?

    Good question about "read more..." -- I should have specified that I want to read one of each daily (one blog, one flash fiction, one writer's digest email).

    As for the prologue, it's written...and not bad...I just find myself going back to it frequently...but you are right, I should set it aside and move on with chapter one. I think my critique group is anxious for me to move ahead with the story!

  7. I have to agree with a previous comment, skip the prologue and dive into chapter one; it will come when it comes. You have quite ambitious goals! Best of luck to dig deep. It'd be great to be able to say on Sunday....goals - blah blah blah....CHECK! :)

  8. Amen, Al. Your critique group wants more bro. ;-) traveling today, so just in the hotel and checking your update. Damn! You're a serious ROWer. Great job so far, and keep it going. I'll see you next week, I promise. ;-)